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Trojan Today: “Build Trust & Community: The Power of Professional & Personable Dental Practice Facebook Pages” by Nikki Myers

Trojan Today | Nikki Myers | Build Trust and Community: The Power of Professional and Personable Dental Practice Facebook Pages



In an era where digital presence plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining clients, dental practices cannot afford to overlook the potential of Facebook pages. Beyond serving as a platform for marketing, a dental practice’s Facebook page is an opportunity to build trust and establish a connection with patients, especially when their health is at stake. This article delves into the importance of maintaining a professional yet personable image on Facebook, emphasizing the significance of authenticity and engagement.

Trust is Significant and Crucial in Dental Care

Patients entrust their health to dental professionals, and parents extend this trust to the care of their children. In a world where online information often influences health decisions, a dental practice’s Facebook page becomes a crucial touchpoint for potential patients. According to recent statistics from, 19% of consumers initiate their search for where they spend their money on Facebook. This includes searching for dental offices. Also, individuals are 53% more likely to become customers of a business they can message. It is important to activate the messaging app on the Facebook page and have someone monitor it. Questions should be answered within a reasonable amount of time. Set an automatic response to set an expectation for when you will return the message.

Stock Photos vs. Staff Photos

Subscribing to a service that can create and schedule dental-themed images and posts is a great time-saving tool. To humanize the dental practice, consider adding authentic images of the office staff to those generic stock photos to put a face to your practice. Patients are more likely to feel at ease when they associate faces with the names and roles of the professionals caring for them. Encourage staff members to showcase their personalities, creating a welcoming and approachable atmosphere. Ensure that someone is assigned to monitor and respond to messages or comments generated by posts, fostering a sense of accessibility and reliability.

Monthly Photo Sessions Can Get it Done

To maintain a consistent and engaging presence on Facebook, plan monthly or bi-monthly “camera-ready” days for short photo and video sessions around the office. During these sessions, capture not only the professionalism of the staff but also the friendly and welcoming environment of the practice. Use these photos to highlight dental observation days, weeks, and any events or holidays the practice observes.

Showcase Your Brand Whenever Possible

Avoid limiting photos to the exterior of the office or the sign when you want to show your brand. Instead, use backgrounds incorporating your brand elements, such as wall murals or decals if you have them, or even branded clothing and name tags. Use an easy-to-use website like Canva to add your branded colors and logos to your photos. Include holiday-themed decorations in your posts to add a personal touch and help create a relatable online presence.

Sharing Milestones and Achievements

Use Facebook as a platform to announce and celebrate the continuing education and recertification of your staff. This demonstrates a commitment to staying current with the latest scientific advancements and technologies, builds credibility, and reassures patients that they are in capable hands. Humanize your staff by sharing anniversaries, birthdays (if your staff agrees), and any team-building games or days you have.

Create a Process to Make it Efficient

Develop a checklist to streamline the process of creating and posting content. Dedicate specific times each week or month to plan and schedule Facebook posts. Extend the reach of your content by cross-posting across all social platforms. Whenever possible, link to external websites, such as the ADA’s, for more information on what the certifications mean, special dental days and fun facts that surround them, or topics like National Gum Disease Awareness Month (which is this month) and websites that have credible information on gum disease. Even better – If your office has a routine blog or newsletter, write about a monthly topic and link to it from your posts.

Patients seek insights into their potential healthcare providers in the information age. Your dental practice’s Facebook page serves as a powerful tool to showcase the comfort and warmth of your office environment, the competence of your staff, and your commitment to ongoing education. By combining professionalism with personability and consistently engaging with your audience, you invite your patients and prospective patients into your office community.

Nikki Myers | Build Trust and Community: The Power of Professional and Personable Dental Practice Facebook Pages


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