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Trojan Today: “I Do What I Can to Stand Out” by Theresa Narantic

“How are you?” “Busy.”

I would be rich and retired if I had a dime for every time I’ve heard this conversation. It is an understatement to say that so many of us have filled every waking moment with commitment, obligations, and tasks.

Life. Is. Busy.

Several months ago, I decided to invest in a monthly, unlimited car wash subscription. To save time! By purchasing the unlimited subscription, whenever I  go to get my car washed, I use the express lane and immediately go through the “touchless” automated wash. 

Some additional facts:

  • The fee is $12.99/month.
  • There is another “touchless wash” in the area that charges $3.00/wash, so I would need to go four times as often to come out ahead.
  • I tip the employees that towel dry my car every time I go.
  • I lose money on this deal, but I gain time.

Recently, I was in the area where I have my subscription, with fifteen minutes to dedicate to getting my car washed. I feel good just writing this: I chose to make time.

That wasn’t the best part of my experience. 

What could be memorable about a “touchless” automated car wash? I got to go to the front of the line because I didn’t have to wait to pay. I zipped on through! First memorable part of the experience.

The technician power-sprayed the front grill and front right quarter panel of the car as I approached the conveyor belt; the second technician power-sprayed the right left quadrant of the car and the rear before the front tires of the car engaged in the conveyor. I spent the next several moments hearing the spray, watching the fabric strips massage my car. I watched the lighting change as I moved from one area of the wash to the next, then the last sign flashed that I had been SUPER KISSED; and I shifted gears to drive to the station to be towel dried.

I was the second in line (a bonus for saving time today) behind a white Lexus. The young man who wiped down the Lexus gave a goodbye wave to the driver, and the car proceeded. No tip? You drive a Lexus and you didn’t tip this kid?

At this point of the process, you expect a quick wipe down. The team member has a towel in each hand. The dominant hand wipes most of the car down and the non-dominant hand leans on the other towel. Usually, they will use the air hose to clear the water from the driver’s sideview mirror, then move clockwise around the car until they get to the driver’s window where I roll down the window and give the tip. 

There was a different experience this day. This young man delivered. He cleared the water from BOTH sideview mirrors with the air syringe, used both hands, both towels, and wiped every inch of  the exterior. He sprayed the windows and wiped them down. As he made his way around the vehicle and approached the driver’s window, I rolled the window down and told him that he had done an exemplary job in wiping it down. His response to me was, “I do what I can to stand out. Thank you.”

So, what’s the point? We all have expectations of people, situations, and experiences. Many times, we acquiesce and accept what is delivered. Other times we deliver at only an adequate level. We have situations like this one that make us open our eyes and challenge what we accept and what we deliver. If we’re really using the experience, we challenge ourselves and ask, “Am I delivering what I can to stand out?”

Think about it. Where are you in your professional and personal lives? What one step do you need to take to elevate someone’s experience, so they know you have exceeded their expectations? What do you need to do today to be able to say, “I do what I can to stand out. Thank you.”

Theresa Narantic has been growing dental businesses and dental teams for over 35 years. She is a speaker, communication coach, a transition strategist, and Affiliate of DIY Dental Consulting.

FMI: or 708-732-2162.



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