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The latest in AUTOMATED Dental Insurance Verification is almost here!

Tired of Wasting Time on Insurance Verification?

Experience Effortless Insurance Verification for FREE with Trojan's Dentifi™ Service Demo Trial!

Dentifi™ transforms your practice by significantly reducing staff time wasted on phone calls and waiting for faxes. Through automated insurance requests and personalized service, Dentifi™ empowers you to maximize your time scheduling treatments, reaching out for recalls, and ensuring your operatory remains full.

Automatically save your practice time and money:

Dentifi combines automated eligibility and access to thousands of Trojan Benefit Plans. Have the insurance verification before your patient walks in the door. You can present your patient’s treatment plan the day treatment is identified, early in the visit, increasing case acceptance.

Dentifi Tooth

Send Requests For Patient Eligibility

You will not need to chase down additional details specific to your patient. With Dentifi, you can push a button and check that off your to-do list.

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Gather Patient Eligibility Information

With access to tens of thousands of Trojan Benefit Plans, you can present patient’s treatment plans on the day they were diagnosed, early in the visit, and start increasing case acceptance today.

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Successful Practices & Top Industry Consultants Recommend Dentifi

Heather M.

Office Manager

I have been an Office Manager for 26 years and have used Trojan in a few of my offices. It is hands down the best tool to use for insurance verification / breakdown and more! I wish that I had this a long time ago (it would have saved me a lot of time on other projects).

Kathleen J.


What I like the most about Trojan is the time it saves your business team when dealing with eligibility and insurance benefits. That time could be better spent on following up on overdue hygiene and uncompleted treatment plans.

Christina A.


We have been using Trojan for over 30 years. It has been a huge benefit for our office. It allows us to verify insurance, eligibility, and collections so easily! Trojan has saved us so much time and allowed us to work efficiently. I definitely recommend this for your dental practice.

Dentifi™ Clients have access to more incredible features!

Integrate with top practice management systems and more:
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Dentifi Tooth

Automated Export Of Appointments

Dentifi Tooth

Automated Eligibility

Dentifi Tooth

Trojan Benefit Plan Matching

Dentifi Tooth

On Demand Carrier Faxes

Dentifi Tooth

Request Trojan Benefit Plans

To learn more, ask about how Dentifi can integrate with your practice management system!