Dentifi is Trojan’s response to dental professionals frustrated by wasted time and production caused by having to track down patient benefits during an already full day of activities. By combining automation with hands-on service, Dentifi dramatically reduces the non-value added time your employees could use to interact with patients, fill appointment times, and make recalls.

The fully integrated version of Dentifi works from your appointment book to send requests for eligibility, gather benefit information, and import that directly into your coverage table. With the addition of Patient History and Custom Benefit Option, you will not need to chase down additional details specific to your patient. This powerful combination of services is different from all other insurance verification services. With Dentifi, you can push a button and check that task off your to-do list.

By choosing Dentifi, you are choosing to spend your precious time on value-added activities rather than sitting on the phone dealing with insurance companies. With Dentifi, you can immediately commit to performing activities that create a more productive practice. Dentifi allows you the opportunity to redirect hours of time toward activities that directly generate production dollars.

Does Dentifi integrate with your Practice Management System?

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