Patient History & Custom Benefit Option

Every second your employees spend dealing with insurance companies, whether by phone, Internet, or fax, you are losing money. That’s why Trojan has created an optional service that provides your office with specific patient coverage enhancing our standard, employer plans.

Trojan’s Patient History service provides additional patient information such as:

  • Patient effective date
  • Individual waiting periods
  • Date of last FMX
  • Date of last bitewing series
  • Dates of last two prophys
  • Plan maximum, remaining maximum and deductible
  • Date of last fluoride treatment
  • Date of last root planing
  • Root planing frequency and limitations
  • Pending dental claims, date of service, amount pending

Trojan’s Custom Benefit Option provides code specific information:

  • Periodontal codes
  • Oral Surgery codes
  • Implant Codes
  • We ask for the codes you use most

Have more time to provide patient care. Let Trojan help you deal with insurance companies.

Click here to view a sample patient history form.

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