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Benefit Service

Dental Insurance Benefit Verification Services

We provide an entire team of qualified dental benefit experts at your service. Our staff goes to work for you when you request insurance verification. The information we gather for you is laid out in a concise, easy-to-read format on your computer. Find the group benefits for your next patient among over 30,000 local and national plans. 

How Does Trojan Benefit Service Help You?

Trojan Benefit Service is integrated and supported by the most progressive practice management systems.

Dental Insurance Verification Coordination:

How simple is it to master Trojan Benefit Service for your dental practice?

Enter an employer name to view the insurance plans offered; they are viewable at any time. If for some reason you don’t see the plan, help is available. Call, fax, or use the Internet to place your plan request. Our team of Trojan experts will either help you locate the insurance plan in the Trojan list or obtain your patient’s employer plan benefits for you!

Stop spending revenue-producing time chasing down patient insurance benefit information.

With Trojan Benefit Service, you’ll have an entire team of qualified dental benefit experts at your disposal. What could that resource do for your bottom line? Take a moment to imagine how this extra time can be spent to run a more productive dental practice.

Send your insurance benefit verification request to Trojan.

Call us, you’ll get a live person in 60 seconds or less, fax us, go online to send your request through IBR or your Dentifi webpage, or use EXPRESS BENEFITS to send your request for research directly from your ACE, EZ200, or Genesis programs.

See for yourself!

Read three different Revenue and Time Studies on Dental Practices using Trojan’s Insurance Benefit and Eligibility Verification Services:

Trojan Professional Services is proud to have provided dental insurance verification services for our industry since 1976. To do so, we’ve partnered with other software companies to develop the format that displays Trojan’s Benefit Plans in your own practice management program’s coverage tables and treatment plans. Please contact your dental practice management software support for questions or suggestions to improve the viewer or coverage table.

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