Trojan Today: Work Systems – The Secret Sauce of Teamwork – By Tracy Baker

Teamwork has the potential to transform a dental practice into a multimillion dollar entity or simply add some calm to the workday. It can drive production, improve patient care, attract new patients, and keep existing ones in the fold. Teamwork can be harnessed to grow revenue and shrink stressors. Touting the benefits of teamwork has […]

Trojan Today: Pre-Appointing Hygiene Patients Works – By Linda Miles

Linda Miles has been a constant in the dental consulting community. We share her insights on scheduling appointments. Somewhere lurking in the shadows of effective practice management is an idea–shared by a few consultants–that pre-appointing for preventive care appointments is an exercise in futility. These pundits say pre-appointing hygiene patients will inevitably lead to a […]