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Trojan Eligibility centralizes your efforts by eliminating the need to contact multiple payers. Through a single source access point, you can verify patient eligibility and effective date and, in some cases, receive up-to-date benefit coverage such as individual waiting periods, plan maximum, remaining maximum, and deductibles. All this, in a standardized, easy-to-read format.

Dentifi Eligibility integrates with your Dentrix, Easy Dental, Softdent, Open Dental, or Genesis. Based on your appointed patients, you can have the requests for eligibility automatically sent and received before they walk into the office.

Trojan’s Eligibility Program is a desktop version that you use as often as you need it. Send requests while prospective patients are on the phone with minimal information or re-verify patient eligibility before routine visits. Results are saved in one place forever.

Learn how to verify your patient’s eligibility before their appointment!
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