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Managed Care

Escape the clutter and run a more productive managed care practice.

Eliminate the laborious task of pulling your HMO manual, finding a plan, and locating the plan exclusions and limitations to determine benefits. With Trojan, there’s no need to go to different places for co-pays, supplemental payment, and yet another place for exclusions, limitations, and specialty referrals.

Trojan Managed Care summarizes the most critical features of each plan providing you with:

  • Co-payment schedules
  • Supplemental payments
  • Visit fees
  • Pertinent lab reimbursement information

Trojan also provides specific exclusions and limitations that are unique to each plan, including hygiene and perio frequency guidelines, detailed specialty information, crown and implant benefit details. This information and more is displayed in an easy-to-read format you can print for your patient’s chart.

For an example of the easy-to-read format, click here.

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