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Welcome to Trojan’s Collection Services

Recovering Outstanding Balances Made Easy for Dental Offices

Trojan’s Collection Services Department understands dental offices’ challenges in recovering outstanding balances. Recent regulations have made the process more complex, but we’re here to simplify it. Learn more about our services below!

Our Dental Collection Agency Services

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Dental Office Debt Collection

Trojan’s collection letter is straightforward and powerful, motivating debtors to settle their accounts promptly. If payment isn’t received within 45 days, the account is reported to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, which may restrict the debtor’s ability to obtain credit.

Dentifi Tooth

Tracker Reports

Obtain a Tracker Report, which shows available updated address information and provides bankruptcy warnings. 

When To Call a Dental Collection Agency?

Before calling a collection agency, here are some tips for your office:

Express Collect® Program

Trojan’s Collection Services introduces Express Collect®, streamlining the process for you. Submit requests and monitor accounts effortlessly from your computer. We receive your requests within seconds, initiating the collection process immediately.

Cost-Effective Debt Collection

Choose Trojan for cost-effective solutions. Pay only $22.75 for an average delinquent dental charge of $500. Compare that to other agencies charging 35% ($175.00) for the same service.

Why Choose Trojan’s Debt Collection Services?

Don't let outstanding balances affect your dental practice. Choose Trojan Collection Services for reliable, ethical, and results-driven debt recovery.

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