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Collection Services

Providing the Power of Three Credit Reporting Agencies!

By special agreement with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, Trojan offers the professional services needed to collect past due accounts.

Track Your Skip Accounts!

Trackers will provide you with current trade and inquiry activity including credit grantors’ telephone numbers, dates of information, and bankruptcy warning messages. With this report, you get a complete ID section. It is your choice whether to take action concerning your consumer.

Powerful Letters!

Trojan’s collection letters are simple, to the point, and provide the powerful incentive needed to motivate your debtor to settle his account quickly. If the account is not paid within 45 days, the individual is listed as a collection account with the three credit agencies identified above. This negative information can restrict the ability of the debtor to obtain credit.

When Should You Call a Collection Agency?

Waiting too long to begin recovering past due accounts dramatically decreases your chance of getting paid.

Here are some tips:

  • The day after the account becomes past due, place a polite phone call to the person who owes you money. Be sure to log your attempts. Do not record the call unless the laws in your state are followed.
  • Remember, people pay health care providers last.
  • Patients may believe that there is no consequence in not paying you. Using a collection agency to intervene often prompts a debtor to pay the delinquent debt.
  • A collection fee may be passed on to the consumer. Let us show you how!
  • Medical debt may be sent to a collection agency 180 days after the delinquency dates.

Express Collect®

Trojan’s Collection Services includes Express Collect®. Send your requests and monitor your accounts easily from the convenience of your computer. With Express Collect®, Trojan receives your requests within seconds and the collection process starts immediately.

100% Of Past Due Accounts Sent Directly To Your Office

The average delinquent dental charge is $400. You can pay Trojan $16.95 ($16.95/400 = 4.2%) or you can pay another agency (35% of $400 = $140.00) for the same

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