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Trojan Today Classic: “Using Your Staff & Trojan to the Fullest” by Mark Dunn

Trojan Today Classic | Mark Dunn | Using Your Staff & Trojan to the Fullest

Originally published August 2010 in Trojan Today.

It’s no secret that front office staff positions are very important and can impact a practice dramatically. Interacting with patients requires a pleasing personality, character, and considerable t’s no secret that front office staff positions are very important and can impact a practice dramatically. Interacting with patients requires a pleasing personality, character, and considerable patience to deal with constant interruptions of innumerable tasks. You’ll be impressed when you take a minute to review just what your front office staff handles every day. They respond to dental emergencies, schedule and confirm appointments, pull charts, make post-op calls, audit accounts receivable, send out welcome packages to new patients, schedule incomplete treatments, fill holes in the schedule, make case presentations and financial arrangements, obtain patient benefits, post patient and insurance payments, implement patient collections, track insurance, bill insurance, check patients in and out, update records, answer the phone…and do it all with a smile! (Did we cover some of the daily tasks?!)

We know what you’re going through because we receive a great deal of positive feedback from all across the country about how we assist offices with our Benefit Service and Collection Services. (See We are especially pleased to hear that by using our services you have more time to focus your attention on patient-related activities so there is no wasted time in your daily routine. 

So, how does Trojan meet your high expectations? First, Trojan leaders pursue upper level credentials such as: Certified Operations Manager (CCOM), Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Commercial Collector (CCC), and Microsoft Certifications. Most importantly, the Client Service staff who research your plans undergo pre-employment screening and a rigorous six-week training program and are required to pass an examination before they are allowed to step onto the service floor. Only about 70% of the applicants complete the entire training to become a client service representative. Then and only then are they ready to assist you.

Secondly, we are constantly working to add or enhance services that will provide essential support to your office in a variety of ways. One such service is our Eligibility program, which supplements our Benefit Service. Through Trojan’s Eligibility program, payers can provide additional information not found in Benefit Service such as: effective date, subscriber ID and group numbers, remaining maximum and deductible, individual waiting periods…information that is specific to your patient. We’re currently offering the Eligibility service free, for a limited time, so take advantage of this now. Our Eligibility users love it and you will too. Call us today at 800-451-9723, ex.t 1. We have staff eagerly standing by.

Another relatively new supplement to Benefit Service is Patient History, giving you yet more information including: patient effective date, individual waiting periods, plan maximum, remaining maximum and deductible, pending dental claims including the dates of service and amount pending, date of last FMX, bitewing series, prophy, fluoride, root planing and root planing frequency and limits. No other service can provide you with more information. Call us today at 800-451-9723, ext. 1 for more information. It’s free to activate and we can’t wait to tell you how it works.

Your goal is to bring every patient to an optimum state of dental health; our goal is to save your practice money and, as your assistant, operate with the highest level of commitment and enthusiasm with this goal in mind. The best use of your front office staff is to use Trojan to the fullest and let Trojan handle the peripheral tasks. The results will ensure the Doctor’s production remains steady and strong.

So, thanks to our thousands of front office staff members who trust us to handle your work for you. For every minute you’re pulled away from the front lines, an appointment could have been booked! (And a hundred other things could have been done!) By continuing to partner with Trojan, you can be sure you have a qualified support staff of professionals with the skill level you deserve to get the job done.

Mark Dunn is a CPA, an MBA, and the CEO of Trojan Professional Services.

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