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About Trojan Professional Services

Your Dental Insurance Verification Specialist

The ideology of providing healthy oral care and a beautiful smile hasn’t changed, but the tools have. Dentistry faces many regulatory, contractual, and operational pressures that make being a medical provider a tough job. That’s why choosing services that improve your operations and increase your production are so important. 

We Help Accelerate Dental Practices to Excellence

Trojan Professional Services has been assisting thousands of dental offices in California, New York, New Jersey and across the United States to save time and run more efficiently for more than 40 Years! Our founder, Charlie Kidd, saw the need to make insurance verification more efficient, providing the dental office staff more time to concentrate on their patients. He started researching dental benefits and providing printouts of insurance plan benefits.

With the insurance plan benefits as a tool, Charlie believed the delays occurring when pre-authorization requirements created would be less of a problem, and doctors and patients could layout a more comprehensive treatment plan. More treatment would be completed, and the dental offices’ cash flow increase.

From Xeroxing pages that updated the Trojan Gold Binder, to the small film sheets for microfiche machines, and then the incredible leap to computers, Trojan continues to assist dental offices in increasing case acceptance and production.

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