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"Lessons from Moving" by Ingrid Kidd Goldfarb | Trojan Today Classics

Trojan Today Classic: “Lessons from Moving” by Ingrid Kidd Goldfarb

I moved recently. After seventeen years in the same house, the stress of sorting, purging and packing was exhausting. Even more stressful was the necessity of dealing with a variety of "service" people; i.e. telephone installers, cable technicians, painters, contractors, realtors, bankers, plumbers and electricians. We had some excellent experiences; we also had some that were frustrating and less than satisfying.

Trojan Today Classic: "Dentistry’s Untapped Resource: Medical Insurance Billing & Coding" by Rebecca Gerber

Trojan Today Classic: “Dentistry’s Untapped Resource: Medical Insurance Billing & Coding” by Rebecca Gerber

In today’s competitive dental market, more and more dentists are finding it prudent and profitable to bill medically necessary dental procedures to medical insurance carriers. Submitting selected dental treatment to medical carriers not only provides a valuable service, but it can increase the bottom line of the practice through greater case acceptance.