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Welcome to Trojan’s Benefit Service

Best Dental Insurance Verification Company for Outsourcing Dental Insurance Verification

Unlock the power of streamlined dental insurance verification with Trojan’s Benefit Service. Our dedicated team of dental benefit experts is poised to support your practice and ensure seamless insurance verification processes. Harnessing our expertise, we navigate through over 30,000 local and national plans to find the optimal benefits for your patients, presented in a clear & concise format directly on your computer screen.

How Does Trojan's Dental Insurance Benefit Service Elevate Your Practice?

Trojan Benefit Service is integrated and supported by the most progressive practice management systems.

Effortless Dental Insurance Verification Coordination:

How simple is it to master Trojan Benefit Service for your dental practice?

Enter the employer’s name to access the array of insurance plans available at your convenience. Our dedicated team is readily available to assist if you encounter any difficulties. Reach out via call, fax, or online channels to request plan information, and our Trojan experts will promptly locate or obtain your patient’s employer plan benefits.

How much could you get done with the hours you take back?

Say goodbye to revenue-draining tasks of chasing down insurance information and hello to a more productive practice with Trojan Benefit Service. Imagine the possibilities of utilizing this reclaimed time to elevate your dental practice’s efficiency and profitability.

Experience the Efficiency:

Send your dental insurance benefit verification request to Trojan through multiple channels for your convenience. Whether you prefer speaking to a live representative within 60 seconds, faxing, or utilizing online platforms like IBR or Dentifi, Trojan ensures a seamless experience. Utilize EXPRESS BENEFITS to directly send requests from your preferred practice management programs such as ACE, EZ200, or Genesis.

Discover the Impact:

Explore comprehensive Revenue and Time Studies conducted on dental practices leveraging Trojan’s Insurance Benefit and Eligibility Verification Services. Read the following case studies conducted by independent, reputable firms that highlight the tangible benefits Trojan brings to dental practices.

Unlock the potential of efficient dental insurance verification with Trojan's Benefit Service.

Trojan Professional Services is proud to have provided dental insurance verification services for our industry since 1976. To do so, we’ve partnered with other software companies to develop the format that displays Trojan’s Benefit Plans in your own practice management program’s coverage tables and treatment plans. Please contact your dental practice management software support for questions or suggestions to improve the viewer or coverage table.

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