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Unlock a New Era of Efficiency with Trojan's Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Trojan understands the necessity of verifying patient eligibility. Simplify this task with Trojan’s dental insurance eligibility verification service options.

Our Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification Software

Centralized Precision:

Trojan’s cutting-edge Eligibility Software centralizes your efforts, eliminating the need for contacting multiple payers. Through a single-source access point, effortlessly verify patient eligibility and effective dates. Gain access to up-to-date insurance benefit coverage details, including waiting periods, plan maximums, remaining maximums, and deductibles – all presented in a standardized, easy-to-read format.

Seamless Integration:

Experience the power of Dentifi Insurance Verification Software Integrations. Dentifi Eligibility seamlessly integrates with Dentrix, Easy Dental, Softdent, Open Dental, or Genesis. Tailored to your appointed patients, automate eligibility requests, ensuring a smooth process before they even step into your office.

Desktop Convenience:

Trojan’s Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification Desktop Program is your on-demand solution. This desktop version empowers you to send requests while speaking with prospective dental patients, requiring minimal information. Conveniently re-verify patient eligibility before routine visits, with all results saved in one accessible place forever. 

Elevate your practice's efficiency and simplify dental insurance eligibility verification with Trojan's comprehensive Eligibility Services.

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