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Welcome to Trojan Managed Care Services

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Are you ready to revolutionize how you handle managed care dental plans in your practice? Trojan’s Managed Care Service is designed to streamline your workflow, save you time, and enhance the overall efficiency of your practice.

Why Choose Trojan Managed Care Services?

Simplified Dental HMO Plan Management:

Say goodbye to manual plan extraction! Trojan consolidates critical features, such as co-payment schedules, payment details, visit fees, and lab reimbursement, all in one accessible platform.

Customized Exclusions & Limitations:

Trojan provides specific and unique exclusions and limitations for each plan, including periodontic frequency guidelines and detailed specialty information. This information is presented in an easy-to-read format, ready to be stored in your patient’s records.

Dedicated DHMO Research Team:

Gain access to a dedicated team of researchers exclusively focused on DHMO plan research and customer service. Trojan ensures you have the support and expertise you need for seamless managed care.

Efficient Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Trojan’s Benefit Plans into your existing practice management software. Our solutions are designed to enhance your current tools and optimize your practice’s coverage tables and treatment plans. Call Trojan to learn which of the top practice management software programs can integrate Trojan’s Managed Care plan list.

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Take the first step towards streamlined managed care – choose Trojan Managed Care Services for a future of efficiency and excellence in dental practice management!

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